Support Misty, Carolina, and Micheala!

Raise your voice for Misty, Carolina, and Micheala!

Last year, Misty saved Kearney Manor residents over $80,000 by helping with Medicare enrollment, and Micheala and Carolina awarded over $56,000 to families working to get a job that will get them off of housing assistance.  The great things they do would not be possible without funding from the government.

Members of Congress will spend the next few weeks negotiating the differences between the House and Senate fiscal year spending bills, both of which include funding increases for service coordinator grants.

We need your help to ensure that the final bill includes the highest funding levels possible for Misty, Micheala, and Carolina's services.

How you can get involved

Urge lawmakers to support HUD funding approve a bill that includes proposed increases for service coordination.

Use the sample template below to contact our Members of Congress.  To find phone numbers, email addresses and social media handles for your lawmakers, visit

Or come to Carrie's office and she'll help you fill out a letter to mail.  We'll even pay for the envelope and the stamp!!  No appointment necessary.